Getting There

By Passenger Car
Take Motorway or Bangna Tollway, exit to Route 344 to Ban Bueng and continue to Klang, turn left to Highway No.3 at Klang junction to Chantaburi, turn right at Chantaburi junction to Trat. Drive pass thru Trat town all the way to Laem Ngop. Turn right at the police station before reaching the light house, 800 meters further turn left to Kommaluang Pier and look for Leelawadee Speedboat or Panan Speedboat Sigh. Unload your luggage and passengers before parking at Tida Tour opposite the pier. Parking fee is 50 Baht per night. The whole trip takes four to five hours depending on driving speed and number of stopovers. Latest time to leave Bangkok is 9:00. 

By Plane
Bangkok Airway operates two to three flights a day from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Airport. 

By Speedboat
- Speedboat leaves Kommaluang Pier (Laem Ngop) daily and takes 50 minutes to get to Koh Mak. 
- The round trip transfer is 900 baht per adult and 600 Baht for child more than 6 years old but less than 8 years old. 

Speedboat Timetable

Krommaluang pier (Laemngob) to Koh Mak :

Leelawadee speedboat  10:30, 14:00, Panan speedboat  12:30, 16:00, Suansuk speedboat  11:30, 15:00

Koh Mak to Krommaluang pier (Laemngob) :

Leelawadee speedboat  08:00, 11:30, Panan speedboat  09:00, 13:30, Suansuk speedboat  8:30, 12:30