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Koh mak is a beautiful tropical island in Thailand with white sands and stunning clear blue water. Located in the gulf of Thailand off the east coast of Trat province, Koh mak covers 16 square kilometers in area with 27 kilometers of coastline. With the distance of 40 kilometers away from the mainland, it is a new destination known only among nature lovers and still a well kept secret from crowds. The island was recently added to the top ten beaches in the world list by the British newspaper the Sunday Times.

Koh Mak is the perfect place to relaxing holiday as it offers an environment unspoiled by mass tourism. And since it is small and flat, exploring around the island is great fun. You will be surrounded by thousand of coconut trees and rubber plantations, two uninhabited beaches, a temple, three fishing villages, one primary school and one health care center, the basic necessities. For those searching for a quiet place to calm their mind and soothe their senses, it is where they can do so while maintaining closeness to nature. The topography is also perfect for hiking as well as biking, kayaking, windsurfing and even sailing. There are numbers of diving school to book for diving and snorkeling trips plus plenty of boat trips to neighboring islands such as Koh Kham for its sand dune, Koh Rayang for its white sand, Koh Kradad for deer-farming, Koh Maisi for bee-farming and National Marine Park Koh Rang for the best section of marine life Thailand has to offer. In summary, it ensembles what Phuket and Samui was 25 years ago, now!


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