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 The attractions of Koh Mak are not about what "there are", but rather what there "are not". Vacationaers to Koh Mak get  to enjoy pure nature without being disrupted by crowds and modernization found in major tourist destinations like Phuket,  Koh Samui and Koh Chang. There are...

  • No franchise convenience stores.
  • No fast food restaurants.
  • No shopping mall/plazas.
  • No bar beer, a-go-go dancers.
  • No light and sounds night entertainment.
  • No jetski, scooters.
  • No clouded beach with lots of beach chairs.
  • No venders hustling goods all over the beach.
  • No thieves and crimes.
  • No rip-offs.
 What it "has" are as follow:
  • Untouched nature
  • Quiet and pleasant atmosphere
  • Bird Songs
  • Crystal clear sea with powdery white sand
  • Plenty of corals and school of fish
  • Thousand of tall, swaying coconut trees
  • Friendly locals with smile on their face
  • An easy-going island life


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